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2014 Ceremonial - Saskatoon, SK. - June 20, 21, 22nd
Let's make this a successful and exciting Ceremonial!
It's arriving soon so it's time to get your candidates signed up.
Growth is the future for all Fraternities.
If you or anyone you know is interested in becoming a Shriner please
contact the Shrine Office at 306-569-2294 or email.

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Ill. Sir Ken Eskdale
2014 Potentate

Potentates Message
Illustrious Sirs, Nobles and Ladies: I want to thank you for placing your trust in me as your Potentate. It is truly an honour and I promise that I will do my best to represent all the members of WA WA. Lady Betty and I are excited about being able to meet with all our friends, and we look forward to making and meeting new friends. Before I forget, I want to thank all the Nobles and Ladies who made the Installation and AGM a resounding success. The Friday evening happy hour was well attended even though other events were going on. Also, big thanks to the Drum Corps for the excellent breakfast, the crew who made the renowned “Fog” and last but not least the fantastic efforts of the ambassadors, the Drill Corps, known as the “K&B Drillers”.

As we embark on the upcoming year we are sure to have some challenges, the big one being that of membership. Membership is slowly declining and we have to turn this around. Ill. Sir Bill Forrest put forward an excellent effort in 2013 by signing up 31 new Nobles, well done Ill. Sir. We not only need new members but we have to ensure that they become involved in a unit, and if there’s none to their liking we will create one. Parades, another area we must address, this is one way for us to promote the Shrine to the public. If we can’t walk, let’s ride on floats, cars etc. We must also promote our fundraising events, Circus, Little Chicago Night (Moose Jaw) Calendar, Flower sales, just to name a few.

Your Divan met at a planning session and has agreed to adopt the TEAM Concept, that is “Together Everyone Achieves More”. Keeping this in mind we plan to improve on as many areas as possible. Communication is an important area. It is through communication that collaboration and co-operation will occur. I believe that communicating with one another will create a shared understanding and, as a result will transfer this understanding to all areas of what we are doing here at WA WA. It is my intention and the Divans intention to observe, listen and to speak to the individual members and individual units as required.

You will notice some new faces in the office: Lisa Dunbar, Clerk, and Noble Larry Couse who is filling in as the interim Recorder. Starting in April, Noble David Paul will become the Recorder as Ill. Sir Don Mc Dougall resigned as recorder in December,2013. I take this opportunity to thank Ill. Sir Don for his efforts and dedication to WA WA while in this position. Also new to the Divan are Nobles Ken Shaw (Regina) and Herb Butz (Swift Current). Thanks go out to Herb Doll for his valuable input and efforts while on the Divan.

MAKING KIDS AWARE – This is Lady Betty’s and my slogan for the upcoming year. As most of you know, I am very passionate about the Stop Burn Injuries program. This program is all about making kids aware of the hazards associated with things that can or will burn you. It’s all about communicating these hazards to the kids.

Lady Betty has a fund-raising project which she decided on realizing that burn victims suffer terrible pain. Our patients have a difficult time expressing their pain levels. Procedures like, physio, braces, surgeries and injuries cause pain. Lady Betty’s project slogan is "It takes more than kisses to ease a child's pain". Please assist her in donating to pain management research.

The Provincial Circus Committee also has new faces, David Pascoe, Southern Saskatchewan Chairman and Treasure, also Dana Wilkins, Northern Saskatchewan Chairman. Provincial Chairman Stu Larson and his executive are getting geared up for another successful year. Plan to give them your support when in your area.

The Stop Burn Injuries(SBI) program will be making visits to schools again in 2014. Assistance is needed to help deliver this program . If you are interested please call Ill. Sir Ken Eskdale for more information at 306-545-3147.

Lets all pull together, get more members, support your Temple and Shrine Club Activities, participate in sporting events, parades and most importantly Lets Have Fun in 2014.

Fraternally yours
Ill. Sir Ken and Lady Betty Eskdale

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